The PettyEST: How Pettyoncé READ the entire industry

In early 2013, Beyoncé came out with a documentary called Life Is But a Dream.

The documentary chronicled her life as a new mother, her work process and contained some pearls of wisdom about the state of the music industry.

The Shade of it all

It was clear that Beyoncé was tired of playing the Popstar game, kissing ass to radio and succumbing to a cycle of payola and deals. That is why she decided to let everybody know the way she felt about the industry and its relationship with making ART.

Here’s what she had to say:

Now a lot of stans online thought this shade was directed at someone in particular, but really it was about 90% of the girls in the industry. Catch that!

It was a big ole READ chile! It could be applied to all of these girls filling up the CHR/Pop playlists today and it’s been 4 years since this truth tea was spilled now.

The Self-Titled

But let’s move on to the real deal: on December 13, 2013 Pettyoncé pulled the ultimate STUNT by dropping her Self-Titled 5th album basically at night, while everyone thought they were gonna get a good night of sleep. Think again!

Queen had everyone rushing to their phones, looking for that iTunes password to get their lives. It was a coming to Jesus for everyone around the world, that showed just how little she cared about the industry rules.

December 13, 2013 was a Friday. Albums were traditionally released on Tuesdays, until this event changed the schedule. Yep, if albums come out on Fridays now it’s basically because of this. The impact!!

And while Columbia Records was scrambling to decide which song to put out as a single first, the album sold 828,773 copies worldwide just as a digital release in the first 3 days. Proving that you don’t need advance singles to let everyone know hurricane Bey is coming. Everyone is gonna KNOW.

Risultati immagini per beyonce 5th album

The following year, Billboard decides to incorporate streaming into their Billboard 200 formula. Not only album sales, but sales of the individual tracks and streams of the songs are now counted on the album chart published weekly by the magazine. In October 2014, Beyoncé joins TIDAL becoming one of the shareholders of the streaming company and starting an exclusive partnership with the platform.


Amid an advertisement war between Apple Music and Spotify for the rights to exclusives from all of the Pop gerls, Beyoncé drops her 6th album LEMONADE as a TIDAL exclusive in April 2016. But the GAG is.. she outsold each and every one of these “streaming queens”!
Can we talk about the stats one year after? 1.6+ million copies at full retail price. No discounts, no gimmicks, no payola. And millions in revenues generated purely by sales (on top of the sold out stadium tour).

Pettyoncé also deliberately sabotaged her singles by refusing to upload the damn videos on VEVO in time for their chart runs. And it ain’t like she had to shoot them from top to bottom! It was a visual album, they were all done.
Every time a new song was sent to radio, she waited at least 6 weeks to upload the music video. So frustrating, yet so true to herself and that’s why she couldn’t be held accountable. After all, she had declared she didn’t want to play the game, so..

And now, make sure you buy that $300 Lemonade book to celebrate its first Anniversary!


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