The PettyEST: Brandy makes her first appearance

In the past few months, Brandy has been very active on social media. Her presence on Instagram and Twitter has led to numerous incidents with her own fans and with haters, that have resulted in heated arguments.

Among them a re-hash of her feud with fellow R&B icon Monica has been the most notable. Miss Brandy will READ you down honey, don’t get it twisted.

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But let’s get into this new episode of the #PettyEST, shall we?

A few days ago, in a moment of nostalgia, Brandy posted an old picture of herself and Mariah Carey in a tender embrace. An innocent #fbf, if not for the caption: #SheKnowsMe.

Now, everybody knows Mariah will make it clear whether she knows you or not and her lack of acknowledgement will get you in the press for a decade. J.Lo knows this best.

So was Brandy’s caption shade? Many (mostly Jennifer Lopez stans) thought so and flooded her comments. So much so that Brandy had to edit her caption and clarify the mess:

Queen Mimi herself got in the comments and put her stamp of approval with the 3 simple words “I sure do!” – providing the ultimate cackle.

We’re calling PETTY on this. Court is adjourned!

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