Roseanne, The Final Season: Episode 2

In the season’s second episode, “Millions From Heaven,” the cliffhanger is resolved.  Roseanne takes a very unexpected twist as the Conners (and Jackie) win a $108 million dollar lottery.   It continues with the Conners contemplating all the wonderful things they could do with the money in what seems to be a satirical depiction of the idea of winning the lottery.

Roseanne, of course, takes it to the extreme as she hilariously talks about all the plastic surgery she “would” get (which of course is funny because Roseanne Barr had plenty) and jokes with Dan who says, “Honey, I like you the way you are,” by saying that she doesn’t care because she’ll just replace him with someone new… perhaps forgetting the saga of the previous week’s episode.

After getting interviewed by a news channel, the Conner family hosts a party for all their friends to celebrate their win.  As they prepare for the party, they revel in their latest purchases: brand name foods, champagne, and plastic flutes. Meanwhile, they deal with strangers calling their house and even popping up at the house for the party.  Eventually, Dan and Roseanne retreat to their basement to get away from all the attention.

Their conversation ends with a realization, that at the end of the day, they’ll still be the “same old Dan and Roseanne… sitting on a mountain of cash!”

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