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Journey to Freedom, Week 3: Love

Vincent | August 28, 2014

For this week’s Journey to Freedom challenge, Michelle Williams challenges us to “celebrate a mindful moment of self-love.”  Self-love, Michelle says, is an essential precursor to being able to obtain romantic love.  After all, if you don’t love yourself… how can you expect someone else to love you?  This is […]

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The Many Forms of Metamorphosis: A review of Mariah Carey’s “Honey” remixes

Vincent | August 22, 2014

Starting with 1995’s “Fantasy,” Mariah Carey began to transform her more pop-leaning singles to become full-fledged hip-hop recreations.  In addition, she would also re-imagine the songs in fully re-sung house remixes, which began with 1993’s “Dreamlover.”  Mariah continued this practice with the lead single from Butterfly, “Honey.” While the original […]


Journey to Freedom, Week 2: Honesty

Vincent | August 21, 2014

Week two’s word in Michelle William’s Journey to Freedom journal contest is “honesty.”  Once again, when prompted with the word “honesty” the first thought that came to my head was again in the form of lyrics: “honesty, is such a lonely word, every one is so untrue, honesty is hardly […]

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