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Kelly Rowland


The Introduction of Destiny’s Child

Reece | September 16, 2014

Although their self-titled debut wasn’t released until February 1998, it was in the second half of 1997 in which audiences got their first taste of the quartet. With the now fan favourite “Killing Time” being featured on the ‘Men In Black’ soundtrack and their first single, “No, No, No” (featuring Wyclef Jean) […]


Journey to Freedom, Week 2: Honesty

Vincent | August 21, 2014

Week two’s word in Michelle William’s Journey to Freedom journal contest is “honesty.”  Once again, when prompted with the word “honesty” the first thought that came to my head was again in the form of lyrics: “honesty, is such a lonely word, every one is so untrue, honesty is hardly […]

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