Film Review: Vegucated documentary (2011)

In less than a week, I will be embarking on Beyoncé’s nutritionist’s 22 Day Revolution, which is a 22-day vegan, plant-based diet lifestyle program. The other night, I was searching for something interesting to watch on Netflix, and came across a documentary called Vegucated. The film documents three New Yorkers’ lives as they attempt to be Vegan for six weeks. Under the guidance of the (vegan) filmmaker, Marisa Miller Wolfs, they undergo a transformation – not only of their lifestyle, but their state of mind, too.

The three subjects, Tesla, Brian and Ellen, all loved meat and dairy at the start of their six weeks. However, to sum it up, they not only learn of the health benefits but also about the environmental ones as well. They also watch videos about the horrible conditions in which farmed animals are kept, and even do some investigative work on their own.

Without giving the whole doc away, in short, it is a comedic and passionate portrayal of everyday people doing a Vegan challenge, which most view as being “trendy,” or a “fad,” or something only rich and famous people can do. However, these three prove otherwise. They become enlightened by the end of their six week process, and have changed for the better – mentally and physically.

I found this documentary to be especially motivating and informative for a number of reasons. As I mentioned, I will embark on my own 3 week Vegan challenge in a few days. When I decided to do this program, it wasn’t for environmental or ethical reasons, it was for health reasons. I want to feel better and look better by choosing nutritious, whole foods. However, since watching this documentary, I am not sure I will ever stray from the Vegan diet – now, because of ethical and environmental reasons.

Starting next Tuesday, May 26th, I document my 22 Day Revolution experience via a journal and playlist, updated daily to share both my experiences and the music that keeps me motivated toward progress. So, if you yourself are interested in finding out more about the benefits of going Vegan, I would first suggest you to watch this easily accessible documentary, Vegucated. You can rent or watch it for free with Prime on Amazon, or stream it on Netflix. Then, if you are so inclined, take up the challenge and use Marco Borges’ phenomenal book, 22 Day Revolution as your guide. Or, maybe you want to wait to read about how I fare with it first. However, I do urge everyone to investigate more about the negative effects the meat and dairy industries are having on our bodies, and our planet.

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