Elicit 1997 … with ‘Men In Black’ (Film Review)

While not quite the family friendly adventure I remembered it to be, it’s clear to see why Men In Black was so popular when released in the summer of ’97. Fresh out of Bel Air and into an alien-infested New York, Will Smith really shines as the lovable Agent ‘J’ whose wise cracks and witty one-liners aren’t that far removed from the Smith we grew to know on our TV screens. Starring alongside Tommy Lee Jones, the pair actually deviate from the oft serious-guy funny-guy duo some films attempt to show, instead showing the comedic side in both characters (albeit Smith’s more slapstick than Jones’).

It wouldn’t be worth mentioning Men In Black without mentioning the special effects. The film offers us the typical ‘grey man’ alien look, as well as giving make-up artist Rick Baker free-reign on a whole load of other creatures (Baker was an special effects and make-up assistant on The Exorcist and King Kong, so the effects here are in no way mediocre).

It’s clear to see why Men In Black was able to turn into a successful franchise, with the last installment Men In Black 3 being released in 2012. From the comedy to the sci-fi to the action, Men In Black has it all. This is one film I definitely don’t want erased from my memory.

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