Film Review: Jurassic World

Twenty-two years after the release of the first Jurassic Park film, and ten years in the making, the fourth Jurassic film has been unleashed to rave reviews and record-breaking box office numbers. The first two films (Jurassic Park, released in 1993 and the second The Lost World, believe it or not, released in 1997!) have become classics, while the third (and worst) film in the series, released in 2001, is rightfully forgotten by most. The revamped fourth film, though, has become the highest grossing film opening, ever, and most critics agree that it is a worthy predecessor to the blockbuster franchise, even perhaps the best installment since the original.

Without going into spoiler-laden details, simply put, the film delivers. It carries on the basic premise of the series, while still being its own brand new film, in a brand new world. We find a similar, but new, park open on the same island as the original park – but, after many years of success, the park becomes a bit too carefree with its experiments and breeds a new, uncontrollable species of dinosaur. That, in a nutshell, is the story of Jurassic World.

Of course, it has it’s secondary storyline about the human protagonists: two kids are sent to the island to visit their estranged aunt who neglects them and loses them in the park; the kids parents might be getting divorced; the aunt has the hots for the hot dino-keeper (Chris Pratt). It’s a predictable storyline and you can imagine the ending, but it’s still entertaining to watch it all unfold. The final scene is almost heartwarming, too (in a weird, prehistoric way?).

All in all, it is a film well worth the big-screen, movie theater experience. You may not want to watch it over and over again but for a night out at the movies, it serves all you could wish for from such a film. My only regret is that I did not see it in IMAX. Would I see it again, in IMAX? It’s likely. Will I buy the DVD? Probably. Should you go see it? Definitely.

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