Taylor vs. KimYe: Who won the PR battle?


It looks like Taylor Swift’s PR team is having a rough week. After feuding with ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris over the writing credits to his hit single “This Is What You Came For” (which she apparently co-wrote under a pseudonym), facing shade from sworn enemy Katy Perry and dealing with the attack of the snake emojis on her Instagram account, there’s a new threat for Taylor.

Well, not exactly new because this “feud” has been going on and off for 7 years now, but it just reached a new level of pettiness. Last night, Kim Kardashian provided the social media world with the juiciest exposé of the past few years. Let’s break it down.

Remember when Taylor accused Kanye of being a misogynistic asshole while accepting the Grammy for Album of the Year? Well apparently that was because she wasn’t made aware Kanye had mentioned her in his song “Famous,” which ended up appearing on the Life of Pablo album. In the song Kanye made a jest about potentially having sex with Taylor in the future, because he “made that b*tch [Taylor] famous.”

Turns out Taylor was indeed made aware by Kanye via a phone call that he would name drop her in the song. Kim had his spouse’s back by recording the whole conversation and delivering it to the world last night via several Snapchat uploads, exposing Taylor for lying about being uninformed. In the videos, Taylor is heard complimenting Kanye and the song, a whole other story from that which she portrayed in an interview with GQ, where she said she was outraged by his behavior.


The result was the #KimExposedTaylorParty hashtag trending on Twitter for several hours (just days after the #TaylorIsOverParty trended) and the return of the snake emojis that started flooding her Instagram after her team had wiped the previous ones off. Kim even dedicated National Snake Day to Taylor on her Twitter!

It seems like while Taylor knows how to play the PR game to her advantage, all it took to make her facade crack was someone who can play it just as well, and that’s the Kardashian clan.

If there’s anything worthy about this, it’s the hundreds of memes that have spurred on social media. And the hot steaming tea, of course. You decide who won.


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