Suspense builds as Season 10 of Bones nears its end

Though it has come under scrutiny recently from fans and critics alike for becoming a bit formulaic as of late, the Bones writers certainly silenced the critics with  last night’s edge-of-your-seat, suspense-filld episode titled “The Murder in the Middle East.”

If you’ve been watching, the show has been building up two new story arcs that come to climax at once in this episode. First, Arastoo, Cam’s boyfriend and Jeffersonian intern, has to return to Iran to be at his Cancer-stricken brother’s side. For the last several episodes, Cam has been stressed and uneasy, worrying about Arastoo’s well-being.

Meanwhile, Booth recently fell victim to his old habits, his gambling addiction. He has been hiding this secret from wife Dr. Brennan, because he knows she certainly would not approve, and of course because he knows very well this is not good for him. It’s a bit surprising that this slip up has occurred for most – Booth has always been portrayed as such a strong, determined character. This personal struggle has added more humanity to his character, but also some friction to his relationship with Bones.

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The episode opens with a phone conversation between Cam and Arastoo, and, to cut to the chase, he is kidnapped by an Iranian leader. Cam worries he is in danger, and so she and Booth fly to Iran to find him thanks to a quite-handy government connect that owes Booth a favor. Later it is revealed that Arastoo is kidnapped to put his knowledge of forensic anthropology to use, to solver the murder of the said Iranian leader’s son.

Naturally, Booth and Cam are intercepted upon arrival, but Booth makes a deal with the Iranian to let them help aide in the murder investigation in exchange for their amnesty. They agree, and the entire Jeffersonian team helps Arastoo, Booth and Cam to solve the murder. Needless to say, they solve it.

Back in America, Bones gets an unfriendly visitor to her home: Booth’s bookie; he owes $30,000 after losing a bet on a baseball game. Bones is enraged, enlists Aubrey to help her sort things out and pay off the bookie, and when Booth returns safely from Iran she confronts him for his lies. Because he is not open and honest with her, she exclaims that she can no longer trust him – and kicks him out of the house.

That’s where the episode leaves us, wondering… will Booth and Bones reconcile? What are your thoughts?


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