If you’re voting for Donald Trump, then no, we can’t be friends.

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Dear “friends,”

If you’re voting for Donald Trump, then, no we can’t be friends. I don’t mean I am going to end our friendship, nor am I even going to delete you from my friend list on Facebook. What I mean is that if you are supporting that man, then you can’t possibly value my life or our friendship. I mean that with your choice, you are the one who ended our friendship. If you’re supporting Donald Trump, you can’t possibly care about me. You can’t possibly care about my future. You can’t possibly care about my rights. You can’t possibly care about my loved ones, my friends and family. You can’t possibly care about the future of our children or of this country, either. If you’re voting for Donald Trump, you must be voting with your pockets, not with your moral compass, not with your heart. Or, perhaps you’re lacking in that area. I honestly don’t know any more. Here’s what I do know…

Trump and Immigrants

I cannot fathom how you can say that you are not a racist, that you are not xenophobic, that you do not discriminate, but support Donald Trump. Trump has repeatedly made derogatory comments about Latinos, Mexicans especially, and immigrants in general. Forgetting the fact that he is married to an immigrant, which makes him a hypocrite and a misogynist (let’s be honest, if his immigrant wife was ugly, he’d want to deport her not marry her), lets not all forget that we ALL descend from immigrants (unless you’re a Native American, but I know you can’t possibly be Native American and support Trump who called part-Native American Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas”). I find it so fucking hilarious when my Italian-American family members complain about immigrants, when not even 100 years ago, our family came over on a damn boat from Italy in search of a better life the same way that today’s immigrants do, that all immigrants do. The same way that their precious fucking “Founding Fathers” came here from England for religious freedom, people come to America for freedom. My family members might argue that, well, my ancestors came here legally. Well, sure they did. They’re from Europe. It’s easy for Europeans to move to America. White/Euro supremacists like Europeans. It’s the Asians, the Latinos, the Africans, the Middle Easterners that they don’t want to come here, because they have vastly different cultures. So, yes, (most) Italians came here legally because it was easy for them to do so, and they are not as limited as people from other countries. Really, Immigration limits make me laugh. How do y’all decide how many from each country? Who gets that power? What is the rationale? There is none. It’s discrimination, plain and simple. I understand the need to limit an overall immigration into the country; we can’t just welcome millions of people every year I suppose, but it should be: “This year, we’re accepting 1 million people; first come, first serve. Sold out. Try again next year.” But no, that’s not how it works now is it?

But back to my point, Trump wants to build walls to keep out the Mexicans, wants to ban all Muslims for coming to America because of a small amount of terrorists, and keep out Syrians because he’s scared of them. Really, all his beliefs stem from fear. He’s the biggest coward to run for office since President George W. Bush (George’s fear was the dictionary, poor man was clueless how to use it). Fear is never good, my “friends,” and let me remind you, Italian and Irish people – not too long ago, Anglos looked down upon and feared you for being “dirty, dangerous, dumb immigrants.” Hell, they didn’t even like that you’re Catholic. Luckily, they got over it quick enough because you have white skin, technically are Christian, and were willing to assimilate and drop your home culture in favor of America’s White culture that gave you the power you so desired. Props to you. Not. I wish my family were more like Latinos who hold onto their language and culture and didn’t let it go. I wish I grew up speaking Italian. I wish I had an Italian accent. I wish so many Italians spoke their language still that when I call customer service it would say, “For English press one, para español marque dos, per l’italiano, seleziona il numero quattro.” But it doesn’t, because Italians feared being weak, feared being oppressed, and succumbed to the xenophobic Americans who forced them to Americanize. But I wish they resisted. I wish that fear still did not live on today in those who support Donald Trump, but it does. However, if you really loved me, if you really loved Italian culture, if you really loved our family members who came here 100 or so years ago, you would never support Donald Trump. You would hate him, because he hates your for being an immigrant. Don’t bask in your birth certificate, citizenship-holding privilege and forget the fact that you come from immigrants. Donald Trump hates immigrants. He hates himself and his wife; he hates you and he hates me, and if you support him you can’t possibly be a friend to me.

Trump and Equality

Donald Trump also shows no regard for equal rights; of minorities, of women, or of the LGBTQ community. He is against the Black Lives Matter movement; he does not care about Black lives. He thinks it’s race baiting, he does not think there is a problem with law enforcement and race. He does not think we need criminal justice reform. He does not care that brown people are treated unfairly by our broken system. As I have already highlighted, he also does not care about Latinos and in fact mocked them with the infamous Cinco De Mayo picture of his taco salad. Or, lets not forget when he said his judge was unfit to hear his case because the judge’s parents are from Mexico. He hates Muslims and wants to put them on a list like it is 1940 and we are in World War II. He has no respect for women and treats them as sexual objects who should bend to his every whim. He speaks of his opponent, Hillary Clinton, in only a way a sexist would. Or, you could look at his treatment of reporter Megyn Kelly. His son just today remarked that his sister Ivanka would never be a victim of sexual harassment because she is “strong” and “powerful” in turn calling any woman who is a victim of sexual harassment weak and powerless; I suppose the apple does not far from the tree in this case. Trump has also went on record saying that women who get abortions should be punished and is, obviously, anti-choice. Trump selected Mike Pence as his running mate, yes the same Pence who signed Indiana’s bill allowing business owners to discriminate against gays. He has also went on record to say that if elected he will appoint Supreme Court justices who will overturn the marriage equality ruling. Yet, after the Orlando shooting Trump had the audacity to tweet out a message saying he supports us and would be better for us than Hillary. As someone who is a member of the community, as someone who has loved ones who are women, Black, Latino, and Muslim, as someone who respects and embraces all people and all cultures, I would be personally affected, negatively, if Trump were elected. I do not want to see people I love degraded by our President. I do not want to see rights taken away from myself or people I love. It would bring me great sadness to see Donald Trump’s ideas and hate come to fruition in laws or executive orders. I would be utterly unhappy with Trump as our President because it would negatively impact my quality of life and my loved ones’ quality of life; not in a matter of money but in a matter of rights and liberty. If you are supporting Donald Trump there is no way in hell that you care about me because if you did, you would not allow this to happen.

Trump and Working Families

Trump is a Billionaire who became one thanks to a million dollar check from his father. He has never had to want for anything and does not know what it is like to truly struggle to move forward in this country and go from being in poverty to making a sufficient amount of money. So, unsurprisingly, Trump wants to cut taxes for the rich, taxing them at a lower rate than middle class and working families. Trump does not know what it’s like to be a working family, he grew up with a silver spoon and he can never fathom or relate to our struggles. And, quite frankly, if you take a look at his economic ideas (I’d say plans but he doesn’t really have those) then you’d see that he doesn’t care either and has no knowledge of how to help us. He thinks his money will trickle down to us or something, or that if enough of us go to the President’s failed casinos that we can all just gamble our way to prosperity. I’ll pass, personally. I need a President who is going to fight for working families. I need a President who gives a fuck about my crushing student loan debts. I need a President who cares whether or not every American has quality, affordable health insurance; not because I am not fortunate enough to have it for free from my job as a public school teacher, but because I know I have students whose families don’t have it or can’t afford it. I need a President that understands that corporations and wealthy millionaires and billionaires are only wealthy because working and middle class families made them that way. If they have to pay more taxes to support government programs that benefit us, or just so that we have to pay less taxes so we can buy their products, they should be grateful because no matter what the tax rate is they’ll still be millionaires and billionaires and we’ll still just be working or middle class. If you are supporting Donald Trump, you probably think we are asking for a hand-out or that it’s unfair to tax the wealthy more, or you might even think it’s okay to give corporations and millionaires a break because they give us jobs or some nonsense like that. I don’t know, really, I don’t understand y’all… what I do understand is that you don’t care about seeing people who are working or middle class like me prosper like you and Trump have. But hey, why should you? You’re good, right?

Trump and Respect

Trump mocks people. Trump incites violence and breeds anger and hatred at his rallies. Trump does not believe we need gun control. Trump does not value the sacrifices of our active military, our veterans, or their families. Trump has no record of public service. Trump has no record of political experience. Trump is a billionaire who has ripped off small-business owners. Trump only values money. I am caring and compassionate. Violence, anger and hatred are the antithesis to my entire being. Guns scare me and are out of control in this country. Trump, like every other NRA member, has seriously sat back and watched shootings in Newtown, San Bernadino, Orlando and countless other places yet still does not think we need change, but rather more guns. That frightens me beyond belief and makes me scared for my life every time I see someone openly carrying a gun. I have friends and family members who have served our country and it disgusts me that Trump has no respect for how their sacrifice affected them and their loved ones. I am a teacher and have dedicated my life to public service; Trump dedicated his life to making money at the expense of the average American. Running our government is no small task; if I can’t get a teaching job or hell even a retail management job without the proper amount of experience, how is it that Trump has managed to be nominated for the most prestigious office in our country? It’s utterly disrespectful to me as an American, as a person with a Bachelor’s and (almost!) a Master’s degree that in total have cost me close to $100,000, that this monster has been nominated to be the President of our country without having the appropriate education or experience. I also own two small-businesses, this one and one with my mother, and Trump has on more than one occasion ripped off small business owners who he has contracted.  You cannot possibly respect life, you cannot possibly respect me or any person who has worked hard for what they have if you support Donald Trump becoming our President, a job he just decided to run for one day probably as a joke, and definitely out of fear and hate. 

The video below contains vulgar and derogatory language, showing what Trump’s most fervent supporters sound like and reiterates why I feel that if you stand with him, you stand with them, and can’t possibly stand with me.


Yes, I’m with her, and no you don’t have to be, too, but if you are supporting Donald Trump to be the next President of our country, then you cannot possibly be simultaneously a supporter of my life, happiness and well-being. Do not call yourself my friend; you are not. A true friend loves, supports, and respects; a Donald Trump supporter must not have that capability. You have every right to be a Donald Trump supporter, and I am not trying to stop you. However, you do not have every right to call yourself my friend or loved one, so, please, don’t. There, I will have to stop you. Goodbye.




  1. Rodney

    August 2, 2016 at 8:37 pm

    Great read! I liked that you addressed the bigger picture. It’s disgusting to think that you can literally buy ANYTHING in this damn nation. Anyone with normal logic can see this man will cause us nothing but turmoil. An absolute mess.

  2. Vincent

    August 2, 2016 at 10:11 pm

    Thanks for reading! I agree with you, it is very disgusting and disheartening indeed 🙁 I hope America makes the best choice this November.

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