Aretha Franklin Songs Michelle Williams Should Cover

Michelle Williams is set to headline an Aretha Franklin tribute concert tonight, September 16th, at the Arena Stage Theater in Washington, D.C. The concert is hosted by The American Pops Orchestra and is sure to stun audiences (need tickets? click here!). Immediately it begs the question, what Aretha Franklin songs should Michelle sing? We’ve put together a list of a few that we think she could add a unique spin to. Check back tomorrow for a review of the show to find out what songs Michelle took on. Hopefully, she indeed covers some of these Aretha classics!

Aretha Franklin Songs Michelle Williams Should Cover

1. “Runnin’ Out Of Fools”

One of the best cuts from Aretha’s Columbia years. The swinging melody compliments her voice, and the rhythm presents a new format for her.

2. “Day Dreaming”

Smooth, dreamy, and sensual. Another instance where it’s easy to hear her covering it.

3. “I Say A Little Prayer”

Dionne Warwick did it first, but Aretha did it best. With Michelle’s gospel background, this R&B classic with a God-theme is a no-brainer.

4. “Baby I Love You”

Just imagine Michelle’s voice wrapping itself around opening lines “If you really want me. If you, really doooooo.” Enough said.

5. “Something He Can Feel”

The slinky, sexy, Curtis Mayfield-penned lead from 1976’s Sparkle would surely compliment Michelle’s voice.

6. “Ain’t No Way”

An ultimate Aretha ballad, penned by her sister Carolyn. This one lets Michelle let loose and remind people that she can sang, too.

7. “First Snow In Kokomo”

Buried on side 2 of 1972’s seminal Young, Gifted & Black is this Aretha penned gem. It’s unique, being Aretha’s first (and possibly only) track with no beat and no percussion.

8. “Skylark”

A beautiful pop ballad from the Columbia years.

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