Watch: Rita Ora premieres her new music video for “Poison”

It’s been a year since Rita Ora tried to launch her second album with the release of “I Will Never Let You Down,” but despite the song taking off, her personal drama surrounding the split with DJ Calvin Harris prevented her music from coming out. Rita has been working hard in the meantime, scoring a top 10 hit as a featured artist with “Black Widow,” getting several endorsements and a guest spot on the hit TV show Empire.

Now, it seems like the time has come for music to be the main focus for her. Her newest single “Poison” was released some weeks ago. The fashionable music video concentrates on the casual beginning of Rita’s fictional career as a model, its rise and a surprise final. The visuals recall Edie Sedgwick and Andy Warhol in the Factory years, with a contemporary twist of course. Take a look:


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