Watch: Mariah Carey slays “Vision of Love” and “Infinity” on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Last night, Mimi continued promotions for her new #1 to Infinity #1 hits set by stopping by Jimmy Kimmel Live to perform her first #1, “Vision of Love” in a medley with her latest single, “Infinity” (a cute play on the set’s title).

While some were underwhelmed by her Billboard Awards performance of the same medley, Ms. Carey squashed all the naysayers in one swift slay with last night’s rendition. She hit ALL the notes and sounded fantastic, especially during the 25-year-old “Vision of Love”. Watch it for yourself and get your life below.

She also stopped through the studio to chat with Jimmy about the latest happenings in her legendary career, including the new hits set, Las Vegas Residency and her not-so-stellar bout with Bronchitis. Watch the hilarious video below.

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