Video for “Feeling Myself” by Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé is a Tidal-Exclusive until further notice


I’m living in that part of the world where groundbreaking apps such as Tidal don’t make their way into the App Store of any of my device. I can live with the fact that when Rihanna’s #R8 finally *exclusively* drops on Tidal, I probably wouldn’t be able to hear the album with the rest of ‘Rihanna Navy’ who have Tidal Premium. But what of self-proclaimed queens of music (and of life, maybe) Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé, whose music and videos I make an effort to purchase? Which mountains must I move to see these two feminists feeling themselves in pink fur coats while luxuriating in some backyard pool?

Beyoncé’s visual artistry is something of a spectacle, and anyone who follows her on Instagram would know that this artistry is irrefutable. She can’t be bothered to caption about 90% of her posts (leading to further speculation about her literacy) but 1 million likes of a photo of her sipping watermelon on her million-dollar home don’t lie. Nicki Minaj’s videos are not that bad, either.

It’s hard not to yearn for the visual splash on their Tidal-exclusive “Feeling Myself” video, because it *slays*, says many people, and although all we have are memes and some still photos, we don’t require receipts. Also, when these two get together on a track, the world rightfully explodes. Perhaps to make up for the lack of a “***Flawless Remix” video, Nicki Minaj (maybe with some divine intervention from Beyoncé’s people) dug up this track on the former’s The Pinkprint album, and thought to make the video the world ought to have seen.

When “***Flawless Remix” was released, it was, thankfully, not made exclusive to any app or operating system, and was included in the Platinum edition of BEYONCÉ, made immediately available in iTunes, YouTube, and elsewhere. In that flawless *** Remix, Yoncé acknowledges her actual worth (billion dollars+++) and eyelashes the world over remained largely un-bat, mainly because the re-working elevated the song to even loftier heights. In the original, Beyoncé established herself as a spokesperson for the imperfect-feeling females by borrowing some verses from actual feminist Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie, and commandeered men, women and youth into adapting an idea of feminism. It also gave birth to the not-at-all annoying ‘I woke up like dis’-themed selfies and whatnot.

Cocky is a very good look on Beyoncé and, in “Feeling”, she raps (Changed the game with that digital drop, know where you was when that digital popped, I stopped the world, Male or female, it make no difference, I stop the world…) and sings the saucy hooks. If this burgeoning trend of having a pop diva singing hooks and rapping on a rapper’s track catches on, Beyoncé might have something else to brag about aside from that world-stopping digital drop (among other things).

Cliquish and exclusivist are looks they’re trying on but we don’t like it. These paid sisters need to let us see the video. And then, and only then, shall we carry on.

Meanwhile, here’s the audio:

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