Spotlight: “So True” by AlanMichael

This isn’t the first time we have featured talented singer-songwriter AlanMichael on the site. You may recall his cover of Janet Jackson’s “Got ’til It’s Gone” last fall. Today, we bring you the latest from the rising star, a new song and accompanying music video titled “So True.” The song is lifted from a “mixtape” he recorded for his girlfriend, and its video is a home movie of sorts (no, not that sort) starring his leading lady as the leading lady. It’s an eclectic, atmospheric and romantic track and samples “Sutphin Boulevard” by Blood Orange; lyrics of course by Mr. AlanMichael himself. Listen to the tune via the adorably adoring video below. We hope to hear more from AlanMichael very soon, and will be featuring an exclusive interview in the coming weeks, as well.

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