Spotlight: “No Compromise” by Jules and the Jinks

 “On [the] last day of April” an indie, genre-less band based in New York City, Jules and the Jinks debuted the video to their first single “No Compromise.” The song, written by lead singer Julissa Lopez and band member Erik Rosenberg, tells the story of a couple striving toward love despite all odds.

The impassioned song features fierce vocals from Julissa and a funky instrumental, decorated with Afropop guitar hooks and an invigorating horn section. The groups’ inspirations range from Etta James, to Otis Redding, and even Led Zeppelin – and it certainly shows.

Below, click to listen to the song and watch the video, which features live performance footage from their numerous performances in New York City’s indie music club scene. We hope big things are on the horizon for Jules and the Jinks, and we will continue to update on the group as they release new music and continue to perform.

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