Spotlight: Michael Mott showcases pop tunes at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC

Last night, multitalented songwriter, composer, pianist and singer Michael Mott held a free concert at Rockwood Music Hall on the Lower East showcasing his own original pop songs as well as pop remixes of his musical theater work from his debut album, Where the Sky Ends.

During the 45 minute set, Mott sang two numbers, the festive opening song “Get Up on My Feet,” (which was written with intentions for Mika) and a moving ballad called “Try.” For the rest of the songs, he relinquished lead vocals to a talented cast of vocalists:

Meanwhile, the equally talented band consisted of:

The most notable songs included the Allred-fronted mid-tempos “So Relentless” and “Hold Me Tight” which lead into a rousing remix finale (from his remix album), as well as Lindsay Rider slaying the high notes on “More Than Me,” to which Mott made the undeniable Mariah joke.

Other highlights include the Tim Young fronted “Don’t Stop Dancin,” which was written for Maroon 5  but Mott noted that it “didn’t work out, so it’s on my album!” No shade to Maroon 5, but Mott’s band and Young probably performed the track better than they would’ve, anyway. Finally, our previously spotlighted Mott- track, “Gone,” closed the show and was another highlight, also sung by Tim Young.

Overall, it was indeed a wonderful and fun night of musical theater melding with the world of Pop/R&B crossover music. Rumor has it that a big name record executive was in attendance at the show, so hopefully Mott will soon see his songs sung on bigger stages, and by bigger (but by no means more talented) names. After all, Mariah Carey has already taken note.

Look out for more concert reviews on EST. 1997 this summer!

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