Single Review: Fergie Reminds The World That “Life Goes On”


Earlier this week Fergie touted something was in the very near future. Something that was ready for release on 11/11. What wasn’t known then, was if it was a new single, music video, or her entire forthcoming anticipated album!

Turns out it was a single, titled “Life Goes On,” strategically released after the 2016 presidential election’s results; which seemed to shock many. However as the lyrics say, “Life goes on, with or without you/It’s up to you, what you gonna do/You could go, or you could stay.” The choice is ours fellow American and global citizens.

“Life” finds Fergie cooing alongside a Tropical House infused Pop melody that would have been perfect as a summer single. Though perhaps Interscope is going for this season’s Trop-House smash like last year’s “Sorry,” which carried Bieber into 2016, notching him a second #1 hit.

Fergie Ferg even spices up the Island themed tune with a rap verse to keep the song exciting. The Black Eyed Peas front woman encourages everyone to, “Go crazy, go insane, go for everything/Get the money, dollar bills in your wallet, say cha-ching/Sign the deal-y, make a milli, sound famili[ar].”

It’s clear to see why “Life Goes On,” was selected as the new Fergie single. It has everything that “M.I.L.F. $” seemed to lack. A modern radio ready beat, an uplifting timely relatable message, mixed with the super chill, down ass chick vibe that Fergie brought to her debut album. With proper promo, plus a push at radio, this may be the life Fergie needs to finally launch Double Dutchess (her decade in the waiting making sophomore LP) for the world to consume!




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