Rita Ora is no longer allowed to perform at Teen Choice Awards

What appears to be a rather unpleasant breakup is forcing Rita Ora to pull out from her scheduled performance at this Sunday’s Teen Choice Awards. The singer was supposed to perform her UK #1 single “I Will Never Let You Down,” which her former boyfriend Calvin Harris wrote and produced for her.

Now that Calvin and Rita are no longer an item, he’s decided to pull the plug leaving the singer with no choice but to retire just two days before the show airs.

But that’s not all. It was also reported that, in a very bitter move, the British producer and DJ also denied Rita permission to use a number of tracks he had worked on for her 2nd album, scheduled for release in September. This means she had to find new tracks for the project and go back to the drawing board to complete her album.

In more positive news, Rita Ora will appear with Iggy Azalea at the MTV VMAs, where they will perform their latest single “Black Widow.”

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