Single Review: Janet Jackson and Missy Elliott’s “BURNITUP!” is sure to set dance floors ablaze

Janet Jackson continues blazing the comeback trail, and this time she has Missy Elliott by her side for the fiery new single, “BURNITUP!” The Jam and Lewis helmed uptempo banger is the sort of track that most were probably anticipating from Janet: a catchy, dance floor ready jam. The track is fresh yet still has elements that recall old school Janet. Not to mention, the Missy Elliott feature makes it all the more fire. Its the perfect pairing, as both divas have waited forever and a day to release new music (we’re still waiting for Missy’s return; it’s been 10 years since her last release).

Missy opens the track with a ferocious intro rap that sets the tone for this fierce number. Following Missy, in what is one of her many hallmarks, Janet delivers the verses via rapid-fire, slick-tongue “Jacksonese” (a term Janet and Michael fans use to describe their sometimes hard-to-decipher vocal deliveries utilized to expertly ride a beat).”BURNITUP!” boasts a catchy hook that gets stuck in your head after first listen before Missy returns Fatman Scoop-style to command the listener to “make it work,” before Janet drops the bridge that is sure to incite one of many dance breaks.

The hook comes back to make the song stick in your mind once more, and one more musical dance break follows to close the song in true Janet fashion. The video is sure to feature Janet and Missy setting fire to some fresh new choreography, and we can’t wait to see it!



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