Single Review: It’s Briggy, Bitch! Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea drop “Pretty Girls”


Despite not having the best vocals in the business, Britney Spears gets away with so many things. Internet haters are not in the habit of spreading 15-second clips of lip-synced performances of “Hold It Against Me” or “Work Bitch!” (something that more skilled songstresses have been ruthlessly shamed for), and that’s because she’s a highly skilled showman, or at least she used to be. Even Jennifer Lopez would choose to see her perform live over an actual singer, all because Britney Spears dances.

We don’t even mind that in the Femme Fatale Tour, her last major concert, Britney was reduced to doing hand choreography – forgivable, considering the injuries she sustained from perfecting her craft as an entertainer. But never mind that. Britney gets a pass for otherwise unforgivable crimes due to the fact that, with the probable exception of Britney Jean, the Britney Spears discography is a staggering work of pop genius. After failing to score a major hit from the Britney Jean era, Britney teams up with Iggy Azalea on new single “Pretty Girls”. It’s some of the sassiest two minutes and forty-four seconds you’ll hear today and that’s mostly thanks to the same irresistible beats that made “Fancy” such a hit.

It’s possible Britney Spears hasn’t listened to a lot of Iggy Azalea’s work in the last two years, but Iggy Azalea knows it and we know it: “Pretty Girls” is “Fancy” – Part 2.

With that out of the way, it’s always a treat hearing Britney act out some persona and get playful in her songs. Whether it’s as a fembot taking a trip to her man’s heart or as some sort of dominatrix extolling the virtues of hard work, hearing Britney doing a bit in her songs is a lot of fun. Of all the criticisms hurled towards her last album, boring is probably the most hurtful and the least truthful. No one can accuse her of that in this track – especially when she gets to the chorus, with its slightly empowering boys-floor wiping and drinks-pouring commands.

Iggy Azalea, frequent abuser of controversial tweets and freestyle clips, let the world know that she sang in the chorus. This announcement is necessary because people might suspect that Charlie XCX contributed some of the vocals that these two tried to duplicate, which would only cause further confusion.

The single will not be included in any forthcoming album that we know of, but the video will be released soon. The video is generating much interest because it’s inspired by a supposedly popular ’80s (not our era) film, Earth Girls Are Easy, and features Britney and Iggy in ’80s costumes. If the video is as fun as its leaked photos promise, Britney is sure to get another pass via this sly, sneaky “Fancy” redux. Not to mention, another (much needed) hit.



Listen to the track below:

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