Single Review: “Fools Gold” by Jill Scott + Tour Info!

Jill Scott dropped a double whammy this week – yesterday, she announced a 25 date North American tour beginning in Philly on July 13 and ending in Phoenix, AZ on August 28th and released a new single, “Fools Gold,” presumably from her forthcoming album in support of the tour.


The single is pretty much standard Jill Scott fare – nothing groundbreaking, nor too fresh. It’s certainly no “Shame” – the lead single from her last album, The Light of the Sun – but it’s quite good, nonetheless. It’s a cute little bop, and the hook draws you in immediately.  The vocal arrangements are subtle yet complex on the chorus. For Jill’s standards, the song vocals are uncharacteristically relaxed, though. Her vocals exude an emotion of quiet disappointment here, rather than a more impassioned variant. At times, she sounds almost unrecognizable, singing in very low register. However, I actually prefer the track she released earlier in the year, the soulful, in-your-face throwback ballad “You Don’t Know.” Either way, Ms. Scott usually does not disappoint, and I hope more details are on the horizon about her upcoming album. Take a listen to “Fools Gold” below.



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