Single Review: “Coffee (F***ing)” by Miguel, featuring Wale

Miguel has dropped his new single, “Coffee (F***ing)” featuring Wale. Cleverly titled because, well, he never says “coffee” in the song. Rather, “coffee” is replacing the parenthesized word, “fucking.”  Similar to how his Mariah Carey collaboration cleverly replaced the word “fucking” with a hashtag in the title for “#Beautiful.”

The song itself was actually lifted from the free mixtape he dropped in December via SoundCloud. It’s been retooled and Wale has been added to give the song a bit of variety for what is otherwise a standard, moody, atmospheric Miguel mid-tempo. The song is lush and sexy; raunchy without being overt despite it’s explicit lyric. Dare I say, it’s romantic. Wale’s flow meshes perfectly and breaks up what would have been a muddled sounding track. It’s almost got a Lana Del Rey-esque, cinematic quality to it.

Actually, she would make for a nice duet partner on this. Miguel, take that into consideration. Anyway, take a listen to the track below; it is the first release from his upcoming album, Wild Heart (which also kind of sounds like a Lana album title).

(Side note: What’s up with the giant hole in the crotch of his pants on the single cover? Questionable.)



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  1. Bogi

    May 4, 2015 at 5:31 pm

    that’s my tune! thanks for puttin this up!

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