The PettyEST: How Beyoncé became Pettyoncé… 15 years ago!

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the PettyEST of them all?


Pettyoncé giving the PettyEST hairflip

It was brought to my attention that this week was the 15th anniversary of one of the pettyEST episodes to ever happen in the music industry. So I decided that this new installment of the #PettyEST award had to be dedicated to this “incident.”

The background

In 2002, the Destiny’s Child star was rising. The group had released their 3rd album, Survivor, and had a string of iconic hits under their belt. The ladies were also getting ready to debut with their solo projects; Michelle’s first single was slated to be released in two weeks as a bonus track on their This is the Remix compilation.

One of the songs DC3 had recorded for Survivor was a cover of “Emotion” by the Bee Gees. Céline Dion, who loves herself a cover, invited the group to sing it with her during her concert special at the Kodak Theatre. It was March 3, 2002, to be exact.

The footage

The footage of this performance has become iconic. I’m going to tell you why, but first, you need to watch it for yourself, in all its petty glory:

The analysis

Pettyoncé sipping the pettTEACéline introduces the girls, the music starts and it doesn’t take long before she realises she’s not going to do much on this song. For much of the first verse and chorus she is, in fact, forced to sing backup.

Pettyoncé then takes over and starts adlibbing for the Gawds as soon as the second verse comes, leavin Céline SHOOK (02:04).

Celine reveling in Pettyoncé's pettiness

The real scalping, though, comes at the song’s climax when Pettyoncé unleashes her falsetto and reaches notes Céline could only dream of.

Left bald, desperate and hopeless she just decides to bow down (03:49). Beyoncé had basically regulated her to Farrah-level silence. And to add salt to the injury, the song ends with a harmonised “Goodnight, goodnight” and the group joining Pettyoncé in putting the lights out on Céline. I just can’t.


There are no words to describe this level of petty. This is the first of many occasions where Pettyoncé has put her duet partners to shame with ease. How are you going to be invited to perform at someone’s show and drag the host?! Welp. That’s Pettyoncé for ya!

Pettyoncé being the PettyEST in 2013

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