“No Sleeep” until Janet’s new single drops… tomorrow?

So, yesterday evening I was just minding my business; I was off from work and spent the majority of the day relaxing. Eventually, I got my life together and decided to run a few errands y’know…be a productive adult. Well, there I was, on my way to the store and my phone kept dinging and dinging; letting me know that something was indeed, popping off. However, I am responsible on these New Jersey roads and decided to wait until I hit a red light to check my phone.

A few minutes later, I hit one. I picked up my phone and low and behold Janet damn Jackson came and snatched the soul right out me. A clip of her new single, “No Sleeep” was infiltrating the Twitterverse and I did not know what to do with my life. So many emotions flew through me; “all my life I have been waiting..”, “What did I do today to deserve such a gift?”, “Let me put my phone down and pull into a parking lot somewhere”. I focused on the latter and as soon as the light turned green I “need for speed-ed” it into a Walgreen’s lot – luckily, that was one of the stops on my list – and the last after I hit play.

I wasn’t prepared. A thirty second clip blew me away. It was the first time in a long time a first single from Janet has done that. No, that is not shade. Relax. I was just genuinely pulled in. It’s a smooth and silky bop and is everything that is Janet Jackson. It’s a fresh sound but it’s also classic Janet; clearly following her own path musically. I can only imagine that it has everything to do with her re-kindled magic with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. This isn’t Janet trying to prove herself, this is Janet being herself; her perfect, beautiful self.

Her famous harmonies are there; soft and sweeping. Her vocals are clear; flirty and fresh. The production is hypnotic and slightly chilled, a niche that Janet works too perfectly. The clip reveals that the track is about a highly anticipated meeting between her and a love. And when they eventually do meet, “we ain’t gonna get no sleep”. Here for it, even though I am bae-less. Janet helps me pretend.

So far, it sounds like a perfect summer jam. One that you can groove to on a mid-summer’s night, cruise down the highway to, all the same effects of previous songs from her highness like, “That’s The Way Love Goes”, “Island Life”, “Got Til’ It’s Gone”, and “Feels So Right”.

Brava, Janet! I cannot wait to hear what else is in store. I am wholeheartedly pleased and I feel slightly ridiculous that I keep replaying a thirty second clip like it’s the new wave. So, when the entire 30+ second single drops, somebody please blow up my phone (which, according to a countdown on Janet’s website, might be tomorrow). Thanks, in advance.

Pre-Order Janet’s Album at JanetJackson.com.

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