Mariah Carey is SO Petty!

Long Ago…

Long before Mariah perfected the Art of Shade, she was just a sweet innocent girl with a huge talent to display and great work ethics.. NOT!

Don’t be fooled by the cute smile, the light Pop tunes and the girl-next-door outfits: Miss Mariah was a petty diva in training back in the 90s, too. There’s a series of examples from the vaults to show you, so we’re going to start with one.

Fantasy: Live at Madison Square Garden (1995)

It was 1995, the Daydream album was released and Mariah gave a concert at Madison Square Garden to film a TV special. She slayed left and right, effortlessly serving vocals for days, but there’s one song she decided to just murder that night and it was “Hero.”

Now we all know Mariah was never really that fond of it, she thought it was cheesy but she also recognized how important it was to her fans because of its hopeful message. So she started toying with it, changing the arrangement and adding notes here and there. And this was the result..

Let me tell you something: she dragged her own album version mercilessly. Did she have to? No. Did she? Yes, because she’s petty. The way she added that choir and reached those notes is just savage. I can’t even. Poor Music Box era.

If you don’t believe the DVD version, you can check out the undubbed slayage straight from the amateur recordings. A mess!

Daydream World Tour: Japan (1996)

And then, furthermore, she took this victory on tour for the whole world to see with performances that are now considered the “pinnacle of her career.” Check this out:

Notice the nonchalant hand movement of superiority she gives at 04:03 here at the Rotterdam stop of the Daydream Tour:

And in the same year most of all she TRIED it to capacity by embarrassing her studio recording in front of President Clinton and the whole White House gang.  Risultati immagini per emoji side eye

In conclusion ladies and gentlemen, this is how “Hero” was never the same after. #Pettyriah left her mark forever on one of her most iconic songs just for her pleasure. Wow.

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