Mariah Carey’s #1 to Infinity, ranked definitively by fans!

One month ago, we solicited the opinions of Mariah’s #Lambily to try and rank her infinite #1’s, definitively as a way to celebrate her emancipating 18 #1 singles, and this new era in her career. Last week, we brought you an in-depth reflection about the influence of “Vision of Love” on it’s 25th Anniversary. Today, we bring you more excitement!


Today, be sure to purchase a copy of the #1 to Infinity #1 hits collection, in stores now. While it features all the hits we’ve loved for years, fans will be delighted by the wonderful packaging which features reflections from Mariah about each song featured on the set. Normally, such packages will feature a write up from a journalist, recounting the many successes of the artist, but this is a welcomed and touching variation from the norm! If nothing else, buy it for collectable reasons and for the festive new single “Infinity.” Or, better yet, head out to Vegas to catch her in the live production of #1 to Infinity. We’ll have a review of the show soon from one of our new contributors who attended the show over the weekend.

In celebration of the #1 to Infinity era and Mariah’s 25th Anniversary in the business, we will continue to honor each of her iconic #1’s with its own reflection piece throughout the summer, as well as host a series of Mariah-related Top 25 lists. The order of release of the #1’s reflections has been determined by the Lambily’s votes. Check out the fan ranking, and schedule of reflections, below (we are reserving the reveal of the Top 5 ranking until late August).

xx.  The International Hits

18. “Thank God I Found You

17. “Touch My Body

16. “Don’t Forget About Us

15. “I Don’t Wanna Cry

14. “I’ll Be There

13. “Someday

12. “Love Takes Time

11. “Heartbreaker

10. “Dreamlover

09. “Honey

08. “One Sweet Day

07. “Hero

06. “My All

05. “Emotions

04. “Always Be My Baby

03. “Fantasy

02. “We Belong Together

01. “Vision of Love

We also asked fans to vote for their favorite song that should have been #1. We’ll be releasing the winner of that vote at a later date, as well! We think the winner might surprise you. Keep it locked right here… for the nostalgia, dahhhhlings!

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