Mariah is THE PettyEST of them all in new video “I Don’t”

Last time we gave you one of the reasons why Mariah Carey is an incredibly petty woman and we warned you that the saga was not over, and here’s why.

See, Mariah Carey’s been writing love songs for decades now. She’s penned lyrics about being in love, looking for love and, most prominently, about losing loveLast week she released a new single, called “I Don’t,” about her break up with her billionaire fiancé James Packer. The song is cool and all (a certified bop, in fact) but that’s not where the pettiness lies. It’s in the video:

When I said fiancé I made sure to specify that he is a billionaire because, well, while it was rumored she was in it for the money, in fact she’s a very rich woman herself. It’s a bit foolish to say that Mariah Carey would need to use a man for his money (after all, she did support… never mind).

(Reenactment of Mimi responding to rumors that she was in it for the money)

Queen is so rich that she spent months planning a wedding, even showing a gown fitting in her TV show, only to end up burning a $250k couture wedding dress in the “I Don’t” music video. Only a pioneer of #ThePettyEST proportions would set fire to such a pricey gown to make a statement. We sort of hope he paid for the dress, though.

Risultati immagini per mariah carey wedding dress gif

Mariah Carey, #ThePettyEST, Exhibit A

To add more petty to the petty brigade, she spent four minutes caressing herself in a white Rolls Royce with nothing but her wedding lingerie and S&M leotards on, basically rubbing it in his face how HOT she is and showing off the goodies he won’t be getting no’ mo’.

mariah carey animated GIF

Mariah Carey, #ThePettyEST, Exhibit B

Hell, the song title is “I Don’t” for Christ’s sake! So, to recap: she “don’t” want him, “don’t” want to marry him …and then she frolics around touching her body. If I were Packer, I’d feel TRIED to capacity. Mariah, meanwhile, remains unbothered:

Mariah Carey, #ThePettyEST, Exhibit C

But that’s #Pettyriah for you! She will lure you in with her sweet smile, good manners and cuteness. And then she’ll leave you empty handed and humiliated.

As she sings in the song, “Rearview, bye.”

None animated GIF

Mariah Carey, #ThePettyEST, Exhibit D

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