Listen: Robin Thicke released his new single “Morning Sun”

It has only been two years since Robin Thicke reached the pinnacle of his mainstream success with the controversial “Blurred Lines,” yet the R&B singer and songwriter has already moved on to not one, but two different projects since.

One was the disastrous Paula album released last year, an album which was a (desperate) attempt to get back into the graces of his now ex-wife, the actress Paula Patton.

Amid a troubled marriage and the accusations of misogynist lyrics and imagery in his Worldwide mega-hit and the accompanying music video, there was also a very public lawsuit from the Marvin Gaye estate claiming the song ripped off Marvin’s 1977 #1 hit “Got to Give It Up.” Success has certainly taken a toll on Thicke, who was forced (along with co-writer and producer Pharrell Williams) earlier this year to pay the Gaye estate $7.4 million in damages for copyright infringement. The “Blurred Lines” lawsuit actually re-opened the discussion on plagiarism in Pop music (cf. Tom Petty vs. Sam Smith) and Robin Thicke himself expresses his views on the ruling in his NY Times interview.

That is probably why Robin is now looking to clean up his musical act by releasing a song that takes him back to his roots. “Morning Sun” is a romantic R&B slow jam with Barry White undertones (the crooner is credited on the track) reminiscent of his pre-2013 work. Yes, because for all of the success “Blurred Lines” had, uptempo numbers are not really Robin’s forte. Ballads and organic productions is where his talents shine and if this song is any indication, the new album (tentatively coming out by the end of 2015) may actually gain him back a few fans.

Take a listen:

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