Listen: Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars get funky in new jam “Uptown Funk”

If anyone thought it was impossible to recapture the essence of Funk music in 2014, think again. Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars totally did!

The energetic “Uptown Funk” is a big hommage to the funkylicious 80s, with a few direct influences such as Atlantic Starr’s “Freak-a-Ristic.” The huge bassline and the hard drums are also accompanied by a Rick James-esque brass section and Bruno Mars’ best Prince impression on the vocals.

This song is sure to find its way into the hearts of the most nostalgic listeners and  will hopefully also introduce new ones to the grandiosity of Funk. Take a listen:

Make sure to also catch Mark and Bruno perform this jam on Saturday Night Live on November 22, episode hosted by Cameron Diaz.






  1. CeeCee

    April 1, 2015 at 11:54 pm

    “Rick James-esque brass section?” You’ve clearly never listened to a Rick James record. It amazes me when folks who write articles about music don’t know music.

    I’ve heard a MILLION comparisons of this song to other songs and artists. It reminds me of TWO. The band The Time, and the song “Freak-a-Ristic” by Atlantic Starr.

    • Mario

      April 4, 2015 at 11:06 am

      “Freek-a-Ristic” was mentioned. Perception of influences is subjective anyway and, while your opinion on our article is rather harsh (we suggest you take a listen to Rick James’ “Give It to Me” to see where we were coming from), we accept the input. Thank you for commenting.

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