Lady Gaga’s show-stopping Oscars performance

Perhaps some people had forgotten that Lady Gaga could sing, but they were reminded last night when the Pop star graced the Oscars ceremony with a tribute to The Sound of Music and Julie Andrews, who received a nomination for it in 1966.

Lady Gaga performed a medley from the musical’s score and delivered a magnificent performance. Her elegance on stage and her vocals were enough to capture the audience. No other gimmicks or theatrics were needed.

It also seems that the wisely timed release of her collaboative Jazz album with Tony Bennett, Cheek to Cheek, is putting a new spin on her career and putting the spotlight on Gaga’s abilities and talent. The album just won the Grammy for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album and the duo’s performance of the title-track at the ceremony was also well received.

After the underperforming Artpop album, which sold about 750,000 copies in the US,  and a turbulent relationship with the media because of her antics, Gaga seems to be in a better place both personally and artistically: she got engaged to Taylor Kinney on Valentine’s Day and she’s working on her new project.


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