This is Ladies Night: EST. 1997’s Summer of Hip-Hop Queens

This summer, we are celebrating the Queens of Hip-Hop at EST. 1997. We have decided to begin the series now because June is also Black Music Month, but it will continue throughout the entire summer. Essentially, we will celebrate some of our favorite ladies of Hip-Hop, ordaining them all Queens for different reasons. The series is titled “Ladies Night” because the song itself was such a strong show of female unity. And, it was also released in 1997.

Despite the many successful females in Hip-Hop, the genre is still dominated by men. It is an uphill battle for any woman to find her lane and to truly rival their male counterparts. Yet, the women who have broken through that barrier have proved themselves to be more than worthy to stand alongside the Kings of Hip-Hop. Still, the Queens do not garner the same amount of respect. We’re here to shine some light on that; and to change that.

Ultimately, we will crown the Queen of Hip-Hop, and the Queen of Rap, with many more along the way. So, stay tuned for those updates. Links to each new post will be added directly to this post, so you might want to bookmark it.

  1. Hip-Hop’s Queen Supernova: Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes

  2. The Reigning Queen of Hip-Hop/Soul: Mary J. Blige

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