I’m in love with a boy band!

There, I said it, and I meant it…

I am in love with a boy band. I remember it as if was yesterday, Spring of 1997 gave birth to a new sound that was created by five young men. ‘N Sync was the name of the group that was deliciously formed by the following members: Justin, Chris, Joey, Jason (original member), and JC. The first part of their success story began in Germany, where they released “I Want You Back” as their debut single. Months later, they replaced Jason with Lance. With the new member and newly formed boy band, America was introduced to its newest sensation: ‘N Sync.

I had always enjoyed sitting in my dorm room listening to music in college. I remember pressing play, then pausing to write down the lyrics in my notebook. Once I learned the lyrics, the song became real to me. That process never grew old. When a new song came out, I was ready to write down and later belt out that particular song that spoke to me. Something changed when I heard ‘N Sync for the first time.

It was different yet familiar, both at the same time.

These new mysterious young guys did not look anything like New Edition or Boyz II Men that I was familiar with growing up, but sounded just as harmonic as the two famous groups. From the first time I heard ‘N Sync, I was hooked to the smooth melodies that came from their lips. I kept “Tearin’ Up My Heart” on repeat, and believe I learned the lyrics by nightfall.

As the song played in heavy rotation on TV, radio and my stereo, I dreamt of one day seeing the guys that made loving a boy group cool again. You see, I justified listening to these young men by explaining to my friends that one of the lead singers was two years older than me, and he was cute. In short, I was falling deeply in love with ‘N Sync.

My love grew more and more as I began to find out about these new songbirds. Europe had already been buzzing about this group, and, soon thereafter; they took over the US, and created the best boy band rivalry ever. No worries – I am only in love with one boy band. I was and will always be an ‘N Sync girl for life.

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