Flash Forward: Artists to watch in 2015

Now that we’ve had a look back at 2014, it’s time to look forward to the exciting year of new music ahead. There are plenty of albums on the way that we cannot wait to hear this year. In addition, plenty of our favorite artists are headed out on the road, doing shows and other exciting projects that we are anxiously anticipating. There are the usual suspects and some unexpected rumors that we are keeping an extra special look out for.

We’ve crafted a carefully selected list of our favorite acts that you should be paying attention to this year. The list is in alphabetical order, so no favoritism with our sequencing here! Let us know if you think we should have included any other artists on the list. If they’re left off, though, it may be for a reason. Oop!

But I digress, let’s get to the list…


Adele – It’s hard to believe it’s been 4 years since Adele dropped her blockbuster sophomore album, 21. The album has sold well over 10 million copies in the States and many more internationally. Unsurprisingly, the world has been awaiting her return. Many thought she’d close 2014 with the release of her next album, 25, but such release never came to fruition. It seems inevitable that 25 will drop on us any moment now, and her label has hinted to a surprise release strategy akin to Beyoncé’s. But, will Adele be able to duplicate the stratospheric success of 21? One can only wait and see…

Beyoncé – The King B rarely takes a year off. The closest she came to a year off was 2012, but even then, she did a series of shows at Atlantic City’s Revel Casino before hiding away to craft her 2013 self-titled visual album. So, it goes without saying that we’ll have our eyes on Beyoncé to see what surprises she has in store for 2015. She’s yet to do a proper tour for said visual album. Could that be on the horizon for 2015? Or, of course, there’s another rumor we’ll touch on further down the list…

Carrie Underwood – Since Taylor Swift pumped over to the Pop charts, Carrie Underwood now reigns as the unofficial queen of Country. She currently has the #1 country song with the lead single from her Greatest Hits set, “Something in the Water.” While she does indeed have a baby on the way, that’s not all 2015 has in store for Carrie… she plans to release her 5th album and head out on tour again later this year. It’s safe to say that she’ll continue to rule the country charts, and maybe even have a “Before He Cheats” kind of crossover moment, too.

Destiny’s Child – Since their 2013 reunion for the one-off song “Nuclear” and Super Bowl surprise, Destiny’s Child has been mounting reunion after reunion on their solo projects. More recently, Mathew Knowles, the groups “manager” and father of Beyoncé, has hinted that the group will reunite in some form this year. Whether it’s an album, or reunion tour, who knows? Only Beyoncé, Kelly and Michelle we suppose! However, it has been 10 years since the group closed the curtain on their final concert tour together in 2005. Perhaps they’ll celebrate the 10 year anniversary of that moment with a tour? Only time will tell!

Drake – In July 2014, Drake revealed that his next album would be titled Views From the 6, and be released in Spring 2015. With he news, he dropped a single, “0 to 100/The Catch Up” but nothing has followed since. He is, however, headlining both California’s Coachella and NYC’s Governors Ball spring music festivals. No doubt these festivals will likely fall in line with promotion for his upcoming project.

Fergie – It’s been nearly 9 years since Fergie released her massively successful debut solo album. The tail end of 2014 saw the return of the Black-Eyed Peas’ leading lady, but her single, “LA Love,” didn’t quite take off like her previous hits. Can she find more success this year with her next single and release of her sophomore album? Fans of the Ferg sure hope so.

Frank Ocean – Since dropping his critically acclaimed debut album, channel ORANGE, Frank Ocean has seemingly been in hiding. We hope he’s been crafting an equally impressive follow-up to his debut set. His unique and thoughtful fusion of R&B and hip-hop could add some life and depth to the rather shallow music of the moment. He teased us a few months ago with the less-than-2-minute-long “Memrise,” which did nothing but make us want more…

Gwen Stefani – We’re watching not with excitement, but rather hope that Gwen’s full length solo return will be a better offering than the single’s she’s churned out so far. “Baby Don’t Lie” and “Spark the Fire” have done anything but spark a fire in our interests for her third solo project. The teaser of her second collaboration with Pharrell, “Shine,” for the Paddington soundtrack sounds a bit more promising. Hopefully, her third album doesn’t sound like leftovers of her first album, like her sophomore set, Sweet Escape, did — err, was. It’s becoming harder and harder to distinguish her from Fergie these days.

Idina Menzel – Adele Dazeem has had an interesting career. It began in 1996 when she originated the role of Maureen in the hit musical Rent, but it really took off in 2003 with her second and even more show-stopping originating role of Elphaba in Wicked. Since then, she’s starred in the film-adaptation of Rent, the hit TV series Glee. However, her career was reborn at the end of 2013 with her role in Disney’s new-classic animation, Frozen. In it, she starred as Queen Elsa singing the now-inescapable “Let It Go.” To capitalize off her success, she opened a new musical, If/Then, and released a holiday album. This year, she’s heading out on a world tour, but not before singing the National Anthem at this year’s Super Bowl. Will she release a new album, too? Or perhaps a new musical? Both seem likely.


Janet Jackson – While Mariah Carey may have declared herself to be “The Elusive Chanteuse,” she has some competition in Janet Jackson. The youngest Jackson released her last studio album, Discipline, nearly 7 years ago in February 2008. Aside from a greatest hits set (Number Ones) and accompanying tour in 2011, Janet has been absent from the public eye, hiding somewhere in the Middle East with her billionaire husband. However, rumors have been swirling about the diva being hard at work at a new album which could drop this year. Additionally, the Las Vegas Sun reports that Janet is in talks for a concert residency on the Vegas strip. Could 2015 be Janet’s comeback year? We hope so.

Jazmine Sullivan – The R&B diva comes back this year after threatening her retirement from the industry. She starts the year off strong with the release of her third album, Reality Show. Having made her best work since her debut, Jazmine seems on track for a comeback – at least in the eyes of her fans and supporters.


Kanye West – Yeezy literally kicked off the year with the release of a new single, “Only One” featuring a musical performance from none other than the legendary Paul McCartney. The song is said to be the first offering from his upcoming album, but there is no timeline for the project. It’s been said Kanye is going back to his more soulful sound, and “Only One” seems to be inline with that notion. While Yeezus was a strong album, it doesn’t quite compare to his best work.

Kelly Clarkson – The original American Idol maintains a successful career, dropping “Heartbeat Song,” the lead single to her upcoming album Piece by Piece, just a few days ago. The album is due in March, which is just two months away! It’s been 4 years since Clarkson’s last set, Stronger, so this swift return is definitely a welcomed one. “Heartbeat Song” is nothing groundbreaking, it’s standard pop fare for Kelly, but it does the job. Wait for the more hard hitting and emotionally gripping stuff on the album tracks and forthcoming singles.

Kelly Rowland – Last year was quite the year for Ms. Rowland.  She got married, got pregnant, gave birth and lost her mother unexpectedly. Through it all, though, she’s been in and out of the studio working on her 5th solo album. She even gave us a glimpse of it, dropping the lullaby “Mommy’s Little Baby” shortly after her son Titan was born. No doubt the follow up to 2013’s Talk a Good Game is going to be even more emotional for a multitude of reasons. Her last set was her best work yet, and considering all the life experience she’s gained since then, expect the next album to be even better.

Kendrick Lamar – In an interview with Billboard last week, Kendrick indicated his long-awaited sophomore set is due in the first half of this year. After dropping one of the best songs of 2014 with his single, “i,” in September, he leaves much to be anticipated. We’re sure Kendrick won’t disappoint. Not to mention the rumored joint album with J. Cole… could it be a reality in 2015? No doubt it’ll be an exciting year to watch Mr. Lamar.

Lady Gaga – In 2013, the diva declared her ARTPOP could mean anything. In 2014, it turned out to be an unexpected album of jazz standards with Tony Bennett. In 2015, however, it looks like she’ll be headed back to her main forte: pop. Hopefully she is able to reclaim her “it girl” throne once more after the disappointment that was ARTPOP.

Lana Del Rey – It seems as though Lana won’t be wasting any time with the follow up to last year’s Ultraviolence. The sultry singer is already back in the studio at work on her next project. It’s been said it will be a bit more pop than Ultraviolence. Perhaps that’ll translate into her dominating the airwaves with yet another hit this summer. Remember “Summertime Sadness”? In the meantime, we have “Big Eyes,” from the movie of the same name.

Lupe Fiasco – Lupe used to be the intelligent, thoughtful and albeit eccentric rapper on the scene. While he definitely paved the way for the likes of J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar, he’s been a bit overshadowed by both in recent years. Though, he seems to be okay with that. His latest project, Tetsuo and Youth, is out next week. It’s had several advanced singles and false starts, but the veteran hip-hop star promises yet another quality album. Will he keep his word? In a few days, we’ll find out…

Mariah Carey – After quite the roller coaster ride that was 2014, the quintessential diva has kicked off 2015 with big news: she’s inked a recurring residency deal, playing 18 shows at the Colosseum in Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas. Not only that, but the chanteuse celebrates her 25th year in the business this year. To coincide with her Vegas #1’s show, Mariah will reissue her 1998 collection to include all 18 of her #1 singles, as well as some new music! Hopefully, she is able to score yet another hit single. She did it in 2013 with “#Beautiful” (which peaked at #15 on the Hot 100) so don’t count the diva out! Finally, to close the year, she’ll return to NYC in December to reprise new yearly tradition, her successful Christmas Extravaganza for a second year.

Miguel – In December, Miguel dropped a 3 song EP for free on Sound Cloud. It’s unclear whether this is just a random release or a teaser for his upcoming third album. However, after his impeccable sophomore release, Kaleidoscope Dreams (2012), Miguel has a lot of pressure to deliver with his next project.

Tamar Braxton – Toni’s younger sister’s career has taken off in a way no one would’ve expected. Her latest single, “Let Me Know,” is taking off at Urban radio which will hopefully serve as a nice set up for her third solo album, to be released this year.


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