Janet Jackson is working on a new album! Finally!

In an interview with Barefoot Sound, engineer Ian Cross stated that Janet Jackson is indeed working on a new album.  For any one who is a Janet fan, this news probably comes as quite the shock.  Janet has seemingly been in hiding since her 2011 Number Ones Up Close and Personal Tour.  In her extended break, she’s gotten married and seemingly ran off to hide in the Middle East with her billionaire husband.

Her last studio album, 2008’s Discipline, was lackluster and left fans wanting more.  It’s been nearly 7 years since it’s release, and Janet is more than overdue for a new album.  Today’s news couldn’t be more welcomed.

Cross says that Janet has been traveling the world to record the album, saying she “can’t just spend [her] time in one studio in one city anymore…we’ve been working in Qatar. We’ve been working in Paris, the Middle East, and now we feel like we can work anywhere.”

Of the album, he says it “is going to be great. It’s a process. There’s a lot in store, yet to come. I can’t go into too many details but I think Janet Jackson’s fans are going to be very excited about the new album, and I think people who don’t know her as fans are going to be excited about it, too.”

Hopefully, more details surface soon.

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