EXCLUSIVE: Sade are creating new music & planning a tour!


After just 5 years since their last tour, it appears as though the incredibly reclusive Sade are planning to tour and release new music. Similar to their last resurgence in 2009, singer/songwriter Maxwell had a hand in breaking the news.

In March of 2009, Maxwell shared via a private Facebook message to fans that Sade was coming (he’s got affiliations with members of the band, most notably Stuart Matthewman). A few months later, Billboard confirmed the news. A few months after that, the album’s title track/lead single emerged.

This time around, Maxwell does it again. Last week during a show with Nas at Newark, New Jersey’s Prudential Center, Maxwell closed his show with “Whenever Wherever Whatever”. He brought Stuart Matthewman (co-writer of the song and much of the album it came from) to the stage to join in on the performance. To provide the audience some background, he explained who Matthewman was and stated “Thank you for coming on stage with us… before you go out with Sade again”.

Take a peek at our exclusive video of Maxwell dropping this news, which is followed by Maxwell & Stuart’s performance of “Whenever Wherever Whatever”:

That was our first indicator that something was happening. Then, it came to our attention this week that Sade’s Instagram was mysteriously updated with a new post a few weeks ago, to little fanfare:

sade official


This is not a drill people. Brace yourselves. Sade’s last original releases have come in 1992, 2000, and 2010. It’s a huge surprise to imagine getting new Sade music this soon, but it is always welcomed with open arms.

When will new Sade music arrive?

Patience. Timing. Faith.


In the meantime, if you’ve been living under a rock and are unaware of Sade’s timeless music, and their beautiful front-woman who never ages, school yourself now.



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