Exclusive: Kelly Rowland returns, new EP and album to follow

After over five years and a half years since her last album and single release, Kelly Rowland has returned.

“All my business, keep it private,

You know bosses move in silence.”

With the lyrics to her latest buzz single, “Kelly,” released November 30th, Ms. Rowland doesn’t mince words. The drought is over, and she is breaking her silence. She is here, loud, proud, and with no fucks given: “Kelly ain’t humble no more,” she sings, “Kelly got a foot on ya throat.”

Upcoming Album News

“Go Kelly, Go,” indeed, and this new single is only the beginning. It has been exclusively revealed to us that while the full-length follow up to 2013’s Talk a Good Game is still a work in progress slated for 2019, we should expect more new music very soon.

Upcoming EP News

Kelly Rowland and Red Bull Music have teamed up to release an upcoming EP to help tide fans over while we anxiously await her new album sometime in 2019. While the exact release date of the project is not yet confirmed, it is expected sooner than later.

The Buzz Single, “Kelly,” Available Now!

Until then, enjoy the new standalone buzz single, “Kelly” (which will not appear on either upcoming project). The no-holds-barred bop is showcasing a confident and cocky side of Kelly Rowland. She celebrates herself and all the things that make her the superstar she is. The catchy uptempo is the perfect track to create a buzz and let everyone know that after a 5+ year hiatus, Kelly Rowland did not come to play. Click here to purchase or stream the song, or listen via YouTube below:

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  1. Leadra

    November 30, 2018 at 11:22 pm

    The song is amazing! Definition of Buzz Because it definitely made her name buzz after so long.

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