Dear Demi Lovato… I am disappointed.


Or, in this case… when you are mentioned in a post but didn’t do shit to the person.

Dear Demi,

Yesterday, I learned of something rather disappointing with which I find so many flaws that I will soon outline. But first, allow me to say that I have been a fan of yours for many years now. I have praised you for your talent, message, beauty, and wonderful voice. I have respected your persistence to speak your mind, never hold back, and stand up for things you find important. However, your recent comment on Mariah Carey has left me disappointed. For those who are unaware, here’s what started it, and how she explained it after:



So, in your defense of your post, you said that Mariah “constantly disses people” (wrong) and that “its nasty the way she treats Jennifer” and Ariana “did nothing wrong.” First, where did this Ariana thing come from? Mariah Carey did not create or post this meme, and Mariah has never directly shaded Ariana nor has she mentioned Ariana recently, so I’m not sure what you’re getting at there. Second, the Jennifer Lopez “feud” is nearly 15 years old and at this point both parties are seemingly over it and playfully entertain it when asked about it by interviewers. While Mariah certainly isn’t innocent, and probably doesn’t (or didn’t) like Jennifer (for good reason) – neither party is innocent here. Jennifer plays dumb. But, Demi, sis, if you don’t know the backstory I suggest you learn it before you comment any further. However, Mariah’s original “I don’t know her” comment was harmless and most likely was not intended to be malicious – it was the internet that turned it into such. Finally, it is simply untrue that Mariah constantly disses people.

But… here are my issues with that statement:

  1. Mariah’s “nastiness” towards Jennifer was always prompted by being put into awkward situations by interviewers.
  2. Your shade of Mariah was unprompted and for no reason except, wait, to “be nasty” – the same thing you criticized Mariah for. You know the old saying, I’m sure, that two wrongs don’t make a right.
  3. Speaking of that, you are strong anti-bullying advocate, and often criticize people for being cyber bullies. Why would you bully a fellow celebrity? It is a bit hypocritical. Even if you think Mariah is a bully, is it okay to bully “bullies”? No.
  4. You say Mariah constantly disses people, but you’re not innocent in that regard either: you have recently thrown shade at Nicki Minaj (Met Gala issue), and Taylor Swift (Kesha donation) and now Mariah. Of course, walking back on all of this shade afterwards.
  5. Don’t sit up there and lie to us like there are not people you don’t like; Mariah is entitled not to like people. Why should she be fake?

Which brings me to a quote from you that I LOVED back when people accused you of dissing Taylor Swift: “I’d rather annoy people with my honesty… than stay silent and be fake as fuck.” Yet, I guess you think Mariah should be gracious and fake, but you somehow should get a pass? I’m confused. If Mariah doesn’t like her, or just genuinely does not know Jennifer personally… why should she lie and pretend like she does? I imagine Mariah believes like you do, that she’d rather be honest than fake as fuck. I respected you for that, and I respect Mariah for that.

So have some respect Demi. You wouldn’t be where you are today without women like Mariah paving the way for you. A pop singer who started out on the Disney Channel surely would not have made an album that features several hip-hop inspired tracks, featuring raps from hip-hop stars, without Mariah making it popular and commonplace in the pop world with 1995’s “Fantasy” Remix. Let’s not start on the vocal stylings front either. And, all that aside, you and Mariah are not much different when it comes to your IDGAF attitudes. There is one difference, though. When Mariah was 23, she knew her place in the industry and would not have dared to come for an iconic legend who paved the way for her. She was respectful and graceful toward her peers and predecessors. You are still making a name for yourself, Demi, and as a fan I hope it can be a good one. Dissing Mariah Carey won’t do you any good.

So, yes, as a fan I am disappointed. I had been considering buying tickets to your July 8th show at Barclays Center in Brooklyn (because I enjoyed your last show there a few years ago), two days after my birthday as part of my own festivities, but now I’m not sure I want to. I am so upset and disappointed by your words and actions. I cannot deny your talent, and expect I’ll still enjoy listening to your music – but when I call myself a fan of an artist it means I respect them 100%. After this, I am not sure I can, and that disappoints me. I sincerely hope you can clear this up with dignity and honesty.



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  1. mariahlover99

    June 29, 2016 at 2:06 am

    This is genius. I felt the same way. I love Demi but will not allow her to disrespect Mariah. That’s just uncalled for.

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