InFormation: Beyoncé is a liar, because she is a Black woman.

I could go on and on about this, but I’ll try to keep it brief…

One thing has become increasingly clear to me due to recent events: the media loves to paint Black women as liars; case in point: Beyoncé. For years, false rumors of her pregnancy swirled. When she finally did give birth, they said she lied about carrying Blue. They persisted that she faked the pregnancy, even after Beyoncé revealed how she had been pregnant once before and suffered a miscarriage. Why anyone would think she’d lie about something like this is beyond me, but still, the media believed her to be a liar.

Beyoncé debunked that with Lemonade, though:


Then, after a few years of divorce and infidelity rumors, Beyoncé made her most personal art to date with Lemonade, that seemingly confirms infidelity, and the media said what?

“She made it up to profit from the controversy.” Umm…


How does this even make sense? For YEARS the media wanted Beyoncé to be pregnant so much that they made up a story about it every six months. They’ve been accusing Jay of cheating for years, too. Why is it that NOW, they decide to change their tune? Why can’t they accept her truth? When Miranda Lambert or Taylor Swift make music about their cheating or trash exes, it’s all fine and dandy – and true. Nobody questions them. They are automatically believed, but Beyoncé does it, and its a lie? Why? Because…


Because she’s a Black woman with too much power and they don’t like it. That’s why they got so mad over “Formation.” And, there is a history of this. Look at Janet Jackson and the Superbowl wardrobe malfunction controversy. Justin Timberlake got off scot-free, while Janet’s career was effectively ruined. Or, if that doesn’t convince you, just look at the treatment of Sandra Bland in the media. Nevertheless, Beyoncé will…


But I won’t.

Fuck y’all.


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  1. liz Barbato

    May 16, 2016 at 11:47 pm

    Good one Vincent ?

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