9 Reasons You’ll Love Mariah’s World.

1. Mariah is hilarious. 

The lambs have always known Mariah is a comedian. But, Mariah’s World does a great job of showcasing it to the rest of the world. Hopefully, they’ll get her humor. If she doesn’t end up with a gig hosting SNL after this then SNL might have to be put on the “I don’t know her” list. 

2. It shows the Diva in her element. 

As Mariah has incessantly informed us, Mariah’s World is not your standard reality show. It is a docu-series. We get to see the Queen in her element – at work preparing for her tour and all the behind the scenes technical things that go along with it. Mariah is a true professional and a boss. Here’s to hoping we get to see her doing what she does best: creating music in the studio.  

3. The random musical moments. 

We all hoped for it. Mariah is known for randomly singing instead of speaking – whether it be interviews, free styling on stage (like in the above GIF), or now… in her tv show! The scene at the piano with Big Jim was everything we could’ve wanted.  But we want more.

4. Mariah, the HBIC. 

We’ve always known Mariah is a boss, but so far the special has shown us that side of her more so than we’ve ever seen before. Particularly, the scene where she gets Anthony all the way together (politely and professionally) about unapproved changes had me like “yassss queen.”

5. The man candy. 

No, I don’t mean James. I mean those dancers. Even though a few of them have their faces blurred, they were kind enough to leave their shirtless bodies unaffected. Particularly, though, Anthony Burrell, creative director, and Bryan Tanaka, Mariah’s rumored new love interest, are the perfect eye candy. 

6. Dem Babies!

Though their cameos are short and limited, understandably so, they are adorable. When Rocky said that Mariah looked like she was “starting to marry somebody” while she tried on her wedding dress… my heart melted. 

7. Tour footage!

The first episode didn’t have any, since the tour had not started yet in the show’s timeline, but it’s definitely coming and I can’t wait. Since the tour was not in the continental states, I feel like I missed out. Luckily, I expect Mariah’s World to have us covered. 

8. Bianca. 

Bianca made her long awaited comeback in the first episode of Mariah’s World. It’s unclear whether or not she’ll be making further appearances, but we sure hope so. Bianca is an icon (remember her debut in the “Heartbreaker” video?). Put some respeck on her name. 

9. The inevitable surprises

This is Mariah’s World, after all. There are bound to be some exciting surprises in store for us. I mean, who expected Bianca to make her comeback for the show? No doubt, Mariah has plenty more tricks up her sleeve. Whether it be in the form of scalding hot tea, shiver inducing shade, celebrity cameos, or musical moments, Mariah is sure to deliver one if not all.

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