Introducing Esthetic Theories…

Hello everyone!  Welcome to my new column here at EST. 1997. Allow me to introduce myself… I’m Shannon! I’m a 26 year old college student, completing a specialized marketing degree in fashion.  I’m a native New Yorker (shout out to Staten Island…*crickets*) who now lives in New Jersey. I’m the youngest of four and I believe that in itself, shaped my abundant sense of humor and individuality when it comes to the things that interest me.

I’m an aesthetic person. I appreciate the beauty in everything and I often try to connect different aesthetics to others such as music to art, art to design, design to fashion, fashion to nature, and then mixing them in between. This brings me to my column Esthetic Theories, which will become a place where I will incorporate all of the aforementioned in the many ways they make themselves present in my life. There will be a range of topics from the current music I’m discovering, the places I visit, the art I see, the fashion that surrounds me and all the reasons they spark the pleasure center in my brain. It’s an open-ended melting pot of passions and I hope you all enjoy it.

View the column’s first in-depth piece: “Discover Electro-Noir with ‘Goddess’ by BANKS.

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