Introducing the “What About Your Friends” Podcast!

14484875_144244872702578_814882020909486282_nEST. 1997 is excited to announce that we are branching out from providing written content, to podcasts! We hope to expand our site’s network and offerings by eventually hosting a series of podcasts. Today, we are happy to bring you the first in that series! The very first podcast to join our family is a new series by friends of the site, Charneil Bush and Frankie Rivera, called What About Your Friends. Check out the first four episodes below. New episodes will be released on Tuesdays and posted on the site, our social media pages, and the podcast’s social media as well.

What About Your Friends (WAYF) is a weekly podcast featuring fun and unfiltered conversations between longtime friends, Charneil and Frankie. The show was created to offer views of life experiences, good and bad, through the lens of queer people of color. The friends tackle topics from navigating the dating scene to family woes. WAYF aims to encourage and facilitate dialogue, not just between the two hosts, but everyone tuning in.

If you feel a lot about a lot, this is the podcast for you.

Episode 1: Everyone Has to Get Naked

We know that having tough conversations with the folks who have hurt us in the past is one of the hardest things to do. Only because everyone has to be completely open, honest, and, figuratively get naked.

Episode one begins with the struggle as people of color having open conversations with less melanated folks. We share some uncomfortable racially charged experiences.

Moving along, we dive into skewed family dynamics. The emotional injuries caused by those closest to us and healing from them. As well as unboxing the danger of holding onto grudges and secrets, and how they can make us sick.


Episode 2: Headaches & Trips to Narnia.

Some folks aren’t always as brace as we would like them to be. Especially when it comes to being romantically involved with someone that’s still in the “closet”, or not open about their sexuality. We discuss navigating dating someone looking to stay secretive about their orientation and how it affects us as “out” individuals.

We go to talk the general struggles we have dating in our mid-twenties. The annoyance of boring guys, horrible texters, and a little bit more.


Episode 3: At the Corner of Foolishness & F**kery

It’s pretty difficult to fully understand a person if you don’t acknowledge all aspects of who they are. In episode 3, we take on the very nuanced theory that is intersectionality. Intersectionality is the idea that cultural categories like gender, race, and sexual orientation interact on multiple levels at the same time.

The intersection of race and orientation fuels this conversation as we dive into how we, as LGBT people of color, find spaces to exist in a predominantly white gay community.

Episode 4: Adulthood is Just Broken Refrigerator Dreams

Most of learned that high school isn’t the best place to grow. The subsequently realized adulthood isn’t always as glamorous as we thought it was as teens. We start this episode looking into past, 10 years to be exact, and briefly touch on what life was like for us. We offer some advice and words of wisdom to our younger selves.

We discuss our expectations of adulthood and how our reality holds up to them. Topics like grocery bills and carb filled nights alone are raised. We imagine life in the near future and what we would like to be, do and see.

For more What About Your Friends, follow us on Twitter @WAYF_Podcast and like us on Facebook.

Hosted by: Charneil Bush & Frankie Rivera

Music: Outasight- Good Evening (Dream Big)

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