‘What About Your Friends’ Podcast, Episode 5: “Sex, Moscato, and Egg Rolls”

Episode 5: “Sex, Moscato, and Egg Rolls”

We decided to have a little bit more fun with this episode. We added some drinks and friends of the show Chrissy and Jocelyn joined us to spice things up! We started off with our segment “Rent Free” discussing what had been taking up space in our heads over the last week or so. Turns out Lil’ Wayne and annoying coworkers give all of us headaches.

We moved on to the more topical portion of the show where we dived into “hookup culture” and the stigma surrounding sexual freedom. We shared stories of times where we’ve experienced those blurred lines between sex and dating. Then we bounced ideas of each other as to how to avoid confusion of the two and how to be responsible walking that line.

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Hosted by: Charneil Bush & Frankie Rivera
Guests: Christina Colon & Jocelyn Virzi

Music: Outasight- Good Evening (Dream Big)

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