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97 Words: Years & Years “Meteorite”

Andrew | September 18, 2016

For their first new musical offering of 2016, Years & Years take off with “Meteorite”. Featured on the soundtrack to Bridget Jones’ Baby, the track opens with starry synths and highlights the band’s signature electro-pop sound, but is enhanced with several nods to disco. It’s complimented, as always, by Olly Alexander’s […]

For the NostalgiaIn DepthMariah CareyMusic

Celebrating Glitter, Mariah Carey’s Most Underrated Album

Andrew | September 11, 2016

Grouping the terms “Mariah Carey” and “Glitter” together typically results in conversations and recollections of “flop”, “disaster”, and “train wreck”. Today, that ends and we demand #JusticeForGlitter. While the film still stands on shaky ground, it has evolved to develop something of a cult following. We’re not here to talk […]


Black Music Month Spotlight: Nina Simone

Andrew | June 6, 2016

I never really listened to Nina Simone until a few years ago. I was familiar with her name, knew her voice a bit especially from samples in hip hop (Common, Lil’ Wayne, Kanye West & Jay-Z). Then I listened to Nina Simone, and I have yet to slow down. Nina […]