97 Words: Tinashe’s “Flame” Is Destined To Ingnite The Pop Charts

tinashe flame

Apparently once you go pop, you just can’t stop. Tinashe’s first solo offering since appearing on Britney Spears’ unforgettable “Slumber Party” takes direct aim at the pop market. 2015’s Aquarius and 2016’s Nightride are predominantly R&B/hip hop, but “Flame” is a straight up pop record.

The song opens similar to Troye Sivan’s “WILD“; understated 2-bar intro, half-developed verse, building into a similar climax as the hook approaches. When the 80’s-inspired hook hits, it’s clear that like “WILD”, this song is meant to be a pop hit. I’m already unapologetically singing “Tell me that you still got the flame for me” to myself. While the song is a departure from her tried-and-true urban sound, it fits her voice perfectly. This will surely please the Britney Spears audience, and may even covert a few “2 On” fans in the process.


Stream Tinashe’s “Flame”:

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